Come Dive With Us!

Matt and manta

Want to join us on our ocean adventures and see many of the creatures featured on this web site? Come dive with us and experience this magical world for yourself.

Some of the services and trips we are offering:

  Private Dive Guide
  Learn to Scuba Dive
  Black Water Night Dive

Private Dive Guide:

Allison and squid

Experience the ocean world in a way you have not seen it before. Let our knowledge and love of our blue planet be your guide on your next dive adventure. See cryptic creatures uncommonly seen and observe unique behaviors. Our many years as scuba dive guides in Palm Beach, Florida have allowed us to learn the best time and place to find all kinds of amazing creatures.

But it doesn't stop there. If you would like to be photographed or filmed in this watery world we can oblige. Take your photo next to a friendly sea turtle or a majestic goliath grouper. Take home a colorful movie where you are the main character in a fishy world. We can help capture your dive in ways you are sure to cherish.

Our private dive guiding is done on a per person basis; bringing a friend along is okay, too. We will not bundle you into a group. We want your experience to be personal and enriching. Our goal is to have you go home with a greater appreciation for the natural world. If you are visiting Palm Beach, Florida please contact us and we can help you with all your scuba diving needs.

Open water scuba diver

Learn to Scuba Dive

Scuba diving is unlike any other recreational activity. You will vividly remember your first dive even after a decade has passed. Each dive will be full of excitement and new sights. Scuba diving is the perfect excuse to travel to some of the most beautiful and remote locations around the world, or come back day after day to enjoy your local dive site. Best of all, scuba diving is for everyone. It is an activity the whole family can enjoy together.

The most important first step in becoming a scuba diver is finding the right instructor who will work at your pace and provide you with more than just textbook knowledge. Having the right dive instructor can make the difference between enjoying your first ventures into the ocean world or dreading it.

Let us teach you to dive. Allison, our instructor, has worked for years in the industry and holds many high accreditation. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and patience for teaching is first-rate. Allison is a Staff Instructor with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).

Learn more about our scuba diving classes.

Juvenile flying fish

Black Water Night Dive:

True life aliens do exist and we can show them to you! Drift at night in the inky darkness of the Gulf Stream and watch all kinds of spectacular creatures hover before your eyes. Some of these animals have been the inspiration for Hollywood's greatest sci-fi films. A Black Water night dive is unlike anything you've ever done before.

We go out into abyssal depths at night where we hover at a depth ranging up to forty feet and watch the greatest migration on the planet. Creatures living many fathom below the ocean waves swim towards the shallow depth. Many species of jellies and squids make this voyage. The captivating larvae stage of many reef creatures can be seen at these depths, too. Watch dazzling, fluorescent-colored eels. See breathtaking bioluminescent creatures illuminate before you.

Juvenile flounder

Each Black Water night dive is unique. We never know what animal, small or large, will grace us. We have seen everything from tiny pipefish to sailfish! Spend hours drifting in these magical waters. Most importantly, you will be armed with the knowledge and guidance we can offer from our past experiences. Each of our Black Water night dive includes a presentation with our imagery and knowledge.

Want to learn how to photograph these creatures? We can help you. Join us on our Black Water night dive and you will leave with an appreciation and yearning for more of this other-worldly experience!

Contact us and we will let you know when we are running our next trip.