Stingray over - under photograph
  Singrays have numerous predators including some species of sharks and orcas. Orcas in New Zealand have been observed flipping stingrays upside down causing them to fall into tonic immobility (a temporary paralysis) before consuming them.  

Ice Age Sid Meets Tiger Shark
  To all those who say global warming doesn't exist... I bring you proof! Sid, from the movie Ice Age, has traded his iceberg for a surf board, but he needs to be weary! Tiger sharks abound in these warmer oceans!! After too many days at sea with tiger sharks, we decided to bring a little humor into the equation. We tied a piece of fish under Sid's surf board and that made him the star attraction with the sharks. I took this photograph in the hopes that it can evoke a lighthearted side to sharks. After over a decade of being up close and personal with sharks, I can attest that they are not as ferocious as many people make them out to be.  

Shark and ship wreck photograph
  A lemon shark swims alongside a ship wreck in West Palm Beach, Florida. Numerous sharks can be found during the winter months in these waters.  

Reef shark with bait fish and jacks

Sharks help maintain the marine ecosystem
  Sharks help to maintain a healthy and balanced marine ecosystem. By having a diverse diet, sharks help to keep other animals in the food chain in check; preventing any one species from monopolizing on a limited resource. Without apex predators marine ecosystems can eventually succumb to disease or death from one particular species causing an imbalance to the environment. Learn more about sharks role in the ocean.  

Sharks - Living Fossils
  Sharks are considered living fossils; having changed very little through time. It is believed the first sharks appeared on Earth over 455 million years ago (225 millions years before the dinosaurs). During this time the first of the reef-building creatures such as corals were just appearing in the ocean.  

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  • Stingray over - under photograph
  • Ice Age Sid Meets Tiger Shark
  • Shark and ship wreck photograph
  • Reef shark with bait fish and jacks
  • Sharks help maintain the marine ecosystem
  • Sharks - Living Fossils
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