Lemon shark vision
  Lemon sharks, like humans, have the ability of dialating their eyes in bright light or darkness in order to see better. It is believed because their eyes contain rods and cones that a lemon shark can perceive color.  

Stingray predators
  Singrays have numerous predators including some species of sharks and orcas. Orcas in New Zealand have been observed flipping stingrays upside down causing them to fall into tonic immobility (a temporary paralysis) before consuming them.  

Dusky shark - shark photo
  The dusky shark lives in tropical and temperate waters throughout the world. In the western Atlantic, they migrate south during the winter months and back north during the summer. This dusky shark photo was taken off the coast of West Palm Beach, Florida near the surface in 400 feet of water. Dusky sharks are believed to live up to 50 years. They do not reach sexual maturity until the age of 20 when they will birth 6 to 10 shark pups after a gestation period lasting up to 16 months! Learn more about the dusky shark.  

Shark fine art print
  The location of a shark's eyes on the side of their heads allow them to attain almost 360 degrees of vision. Their only blind spots are directly in front of their snout and behind the head.  

How many species of sharks live in the ocean?
  There are over 460 different species of sharks known throughout the world's oceans and new species are still being discovered. Even though sharks are considered one of the apex predators of the ocean, many species are under the threat of extinction due to human causes such as the wasteful practice of shark finning.  

Bull shark attacks bait fish photograph
  Bull sharks live in tropical and subtropical waters. They have also been reported over a thousand miles up rivers such as the Amazon and the Mississippi. This particular bull shark was photographed off the coast of West Palm Beach, Florida while it was following an enormous (1000+) school of spanish mackerel fish. Learn more about bull sharks.  

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