Wild baby dolphins underwater photo
  While most of the adult dolphins sleep during the early morning and afternoon day's sun, baby dolphins are usually out playing - never wandering too far from the adults.  

Dolphins communication by name
  Researchers have found that dolphins call to each other using distinctive whistles that serve as individual names. These distinctive whistles are then learned by other dolphins and are used as a way to get the attention of a specific dolphin in the group. Learn more about dolphin communication.  

Wild dolphins silhouette underwater photograph
  Rarely do I ever enter the water to play and swim with dolphins with a camera in my hands for it distracts from these amazing encounters. In the hopes of capturing a little bit of the beauty of these encounters to share with others I decided to take my camera with me and lady luck allowed me this magnificent opportunity to capture my favorite photograph ever.  

Sharks and dolphins hunting together
  It is a misconception that sharks and dolphins are mortal enemies. During many of our wild dolphin expeditions we regularly see sharks and dolphins hunting together. It is perhaps the dolphin's high-pitched echo location sounds, which dolphins use to find prey hiding in the sand, that attracts the bottom feeding nurse sharks to the area. Nurse sharks use a specialized organ called the Ampullae of Lorenzini, which contain electroreceptors, to detect prey hidden under the ocean floor. While some sharks, such as tiger sharks, are believed to prey on young and sick dolphins, many species of sharks and dolphin hunt together. See one of the ocean's greatest shark and dolphins hunting events.  

Wild bottlenose dolphin encounters
  Bottlenose dolphins are highly social animals and are regularly seen traveling with others of their kind and, in some instances, with other dolphin species. During many of my wild bottle dolphin encounters I have seen both bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins swimming and hunting together. Bottlenose dolphins scan the ocean floor using their echo location (a type of acoustical radar) to locate and capture prey, such as fish, that may be hiding in the sand. Learn more about bottlenose dolphin.  

Baby Atlantic spotted dolphins
  Baby Atlantic spotted dolphins are born without the freckle-like patterns on their body. As they grow older each one develops their own uniquely beautiful spotted patterns that distinguishes them.  

  • Wild baby dolphins underwater photo
  • Dolphins communication by name
  • Wild dolphins silhouette underwater photograph
  • Sharks and dolphins hunting together
  • Wild bottlenose dolphin encounters
  • Baby Atlantic spotted dolphins
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