Lazaro “Laz” Ruda

Wildlife Photographer


Raised in south Florida, I have been near the ocean my entire life. My unwarranted fears of the ocean's mysteries evolved into an endless fascination during my childhood summers in Key West. Floating below me was an alien world waiting to be discovered.

Over thirty years later, this love affair for the ocean has developed into an obsession. Whether I am on an ocean adventure or reading books on its natural history, few things capture my attention with such an invigorating passion. Every immersion elicits the fascination I felt as a small boy dipping my head underwater for the very first time.

It is through this web site that I hope to share with you the wonder of this incredible world as I see it. My hope is that my images and stories will help you understand our amazing ocean planet a little better and my passion and admiration for the natural world becomes your own.

Allison Knox

Allison Knox

PADI IDC Staff Dive Instructor


My appeal of the ocean world came about when I was five years old. I was intrigued by all the fishy characters I viewed behind the glass during my visits to a local aquarium with my parents. I was so entranced by the ocean world that I asked my mother to add fish to the swimming pool so I could swim among them on my seventh birthday.

I was presented with an opportunity to intern as a reef specialist in the Florida Keys while attending Richard Stockton College in New Jersey. During this trip, I was certain that Florida was where I wanted to be. After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Marine Science, I returned to Florida.

The drive to teach others about this fascinating world lead me to pursue my dive instructor certification. Over five years later, I still enjoy introducing the young and young-at-heart to the wonderful world beneath the ocean waves. It is my hope that through my knowledge and enthusiasm I will help others come to appreciate and protect the natural world.

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